Finding the Top Five Pianos!
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Here are the categories of pianos I would like to discuss and consider as the top five

1 Steinway & Sons: thus particular brand of piano was discovered by the German immigrant Henry Steinway at the united states in the city of New York at 1853 speaking on these Baby grand pianos, this brand was subjected in two; Essex was for the entry level market and Boston was the mid-level market more so they are put in to the market at low price

2. Yamaha Pianos: This brand of piano give every the opportunity to play, it designed in such a way that it could be used to learn , first was known as Nippon Gakki and changed to Yamaha at 1987, which was been crafted by Torakusu Yamaha

3 Bosendorfer: when it comes to piano for sale, this brand is well known for its luxury, as well as they are called the oldest fabricators of piano, also they invented the extension of 88-key keyboard and development of the imperial grand with 82 keys, this piano was first found in Vienna Austria.

4 Fazioli: in Sacille Italy, the name Faziolinwas carved from paolo Fazioli in 1978, as he was a scientist and a wood technologist, they were also responsible for verities of biggest pianos in the world.

5: Kawai: a janpanist product originated from japan, by Koichi Kawai 1927 well graced with the term finest quality, it is however a digital and acoustic piano.

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